Fun fact: keep all your whining to my main, Damloz, or my anger blog, Beforantrolls

Ew. Not being judgemental to those who are different than me purely because they are different doesn't make me a "str8 kisser" or whatever you called it. This has to be a troll blog. It has to be.

I’m not Trollkin, no. I’m a goddamn Keythong. So piss right off, str8 sympathizer.

that doesn't make sense to me? Is there another blog you'd rather I talk to you on?

I don’t want to talk to a kisser of str8 ass. Especially on my damn fanon blog. Fuck off you disgusting thing.


I don’t play hard to get I play hard to get rid of

i can come off anon if you'd like, but i'd like to keep the conversation private?

You’re not even going to my main blog. This is my fanon blog. I’m repurposing it from what it used to be. Keep your whining out of my damn fanon.

coming from someone who's gay as sin, like i genuinely don't understand your hatred of hetero people? people have called me all sorts of shit, but i take it as comments from individuals because it's a little shitty to just generalise a whole group of people, imo.

Oh anon, hiding behind The Gray, making claims with no evidence. I’ve heard “I’m xyz oppressed minority” a trillion times from anons. On my blog and the blogs of countless others. I’m definitely not going to believe an anon, let alone a hetero ass-kisser. Come back in when you’ve decided to face me full on. I refuse to explain my justified fear of The Str8s to a damn anon.


a peaceful walk in the woods really relaxes me. the fact that I’m dragging a body should be irrelevant.


life hack: if someone is telling a group of people what to do and refers to them as “ladies and gentlemen” or “boys and girls” and you identify as non-binary you don’t have to do whatever they’re saying